Finance Team

Woman with arms crossedYour benefits are your second largest budgetary expense and they are negatively impacting your company valuation. We can fix that.

As CFO, you understand that your employee benefits program is the second-largest budgetary expense for your company. And, that a better benefits program isn’t just about cutting costs.

As a CFO, the financial health of your company is in your hands.  But with spiraling, outrageous costs from your current benefit plans, your company valuation is negatively impacted. Plans administered by traditional brokers and carriers hold you back from accessing capital and growing as an organization.  The wasted investment in employee benefits should be repositioned to fulfill your company’s financial objectives. Your organization can access significant savings while improving your employee’s satisfaction with your benefits offerings. Even worse, your expensive plans look the same as every other company and aren’t leveraged as a competitive perk for new and existing talent.

We at Waypoint Benefit Solutions are masters at solving these capital-draining problems, whether it’s an issue you’ve identified yet or not. Using laser-focused data mining strategies, we pinpoint areas of waste for your company and leverage your benefit plan in innovative ways for attracting and retaining talented employees.

With a personalized, data-based benefit plan from Waypoint Benefit Solutions, your company becomes more valuable and puts money back into your budget.

Data Over Emotion

Through our many employee surveys, we’ve learned a lot about what members really want when it comes to the programs available to them.

As the CFO of your company, you might be interested in the facts we have gleaned from employees at businesses like yours, including:

  • 55% of employees think their co-insurance amounts are high.
  • 68% of employees think their out-of-pockets are high.
  • 81% of employees rate their company’s overall health benefits package as average-to-poor.
  • When asked which they prefer more, employees rated all three of these benefits as equally important: lower employee contributions from their paycheck; low deductible, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket limits; and low co-pay costs for provider visits, facility visits, and prescriptions.
  • 63% of employees want to be able to access a health insurance portal and speak to someone when necessary.
  • 45% of employees wouldn’t recommend their company’s health benefits program to a friend or family member.

The Waypoint Benefits Solution

Our unique benefits model helps make your company more valuable, but putting money back into your budget, more effectively positioning you when accessing capital. And, you’ll attract and retain the employees who mean the most to your business by providing a powerful and attractive benefits program.

We’ve saved companies like yours $1.8 million per 1000 enrolled lives annually on benefits their employees are happier with.

Businessman and businesswoman power posingOur model makes companies more competitive. We use your data, your employee’s input and our unique, transparent model to help you win. Your employees want more, they want to pay less, and this can be accomplished without increased cost.
Our model supports the goals and motivations of your whole team.