Executive Team

Waypoint Benefits CEO Problems We SolveWe leverage your employee benefits to make your company more competitive.

As CEO, you understand the importance of attracting, satisfying, and retaining the best employees in your space to help your company succeed over time. 

You also understand that your organization is only as strong as the people who work for it. Benefits programs that “benefit” your company and your employees are a win-win, resulting in the competitive edge you need to drive your company’s success.

A good benefits package isn’t just a perk of your compensation plan, it’s an expectation. So, how do you connect more directly with your employees to understand what they truly want?  And, how do you provide it without breaking the bottom line?

Our Waypoint Benefits Solution

We’re masters at solving health benefits problems, including those that may not have been identified through your traditional insurance model.

Data over Emotion

Your current program yields a tremendous amount of data – information that most companies don’t know how to access or utilize. Typically, the traditional broker provides you with your company’s current rates, employee claims, and other general statistics that are benchmarked against national averages. At Waypoint Benefits Solutions, we look at data points from your current benefits program that have never been analyzed before. Then, we develop a benefits package that utilizes your current investment – or less to help you attract and keep better employees.

We are disruptors in the industry.

We have successfully identified many conflicts of interest that plague the traditional benefits model. Removing conflicts of interest and replacing them with complete transparency, our clients realize higher quality outcomes, lower costs, and better benefits packages for companies like yours and their employees. We guarantee full transparency so you and your key decision-makers will know how every dollar of your health benefits program is spent.


Your employee data impacts your organization.

As CEO, you might be interested in the statistics we have gleaned from employee surveys at businesses like yours:

  • 60% of employees think their current deductible and co-pays are too expensive.
  • 80% of employees would willingly receive testing at a different facility than the one prescribed by their doctor if the alternative location had equal or better outcomes.
  • 60% of employees would resist changing their physician even if it meant a better insurance plan.
  • 80% of employees would try a different prescription medication at a lower cost if the medication was equally or more effective than the original drug.
  • 50% of employees would take a position at another company over yours if that company’s benefits package was better.
75% of employees don’t really understand their health benefits and don’t consider their benefits as part of their overall compensation package.

We save companies like yours $1.8 million per 1,000 enrolled employees annually on benefits their employees are happier with.  It’s time to disrupt your benefits program.

Businessman and businesswoman power posingOur model makes companies more competitive. We use your data, your employee’s input and our unique, transparent model to help you win. Your employees want more, they want to pay less, and this can be accomplished without increased cost.
Our model supports the goals and motivations of your whole team.