Member Experience

Operator speaking with customer on the phone

Care is more than just a medical term to us. 

Member satisfaction and support is an absolute priority for our entire team. Contact us via email at or call us at 614-375-1788.

No Wondering, No Wandering

At Waypoint Benefits, we believe in answering your questions or solving a problem quickly so our members are not left wondering or searching for answers. When you have a need, problem, or question, contact us first.

What you can expect when you contact Waypoint Benefits:

We will try to resolve the need or answer your question. If we can’t resolve your issue on the spot, we will clearly communicate what our action will be and when you can expect an answer.

  • Then, we will follow up with you via email that summarizes the question, expectation and resolution timeframe.
  • Our goal is to contact you with the resolution on or before the expected deadline.
How do I contact Member Support?