+ How does Waypoint Benefits get paid?

We charge a fixed of $8.75/month per enrolled member. That’s it. We don’t receive rebates or hidden fees. 

Through our model, we are paid by employer groups, rather than by the insurance companies. We don’t receive a commission from the carrier or the vendors.  

+ Does Waypoint Benefits receive any commissions, rebates or extra fees?

No.  At Waypoint Benefits, we charge a fixed of $8.75/month per enrolled member. That’s it. We don’t receive rebates or hidden fees. 

At Waypoint Benefits, we believe that you work for the company that pays you. By receiving commissions, rebates and other fees from the providers or insurance vendors traditional brokers and carriers are beholden to them rather than to the employer they are supposed to represent.

Because we only receive a set fee from our employers, we represent you – our employer groups – and no one else. 

+ Can my current broker just work with the vendors you use and build a benefits program for us?

Yes, they can.  But, it won’t be the same program and you won’t receive the same discounts, savings or service that you will experience with Waypoint Benefits  We build a benefits plan that is unique to your company’s financial needs and your employees’ goals.  

Additionally, traditional brokers will take a portion of the rebates and ask for a commission.  Commissions, hidden fees, and rebates are part of the traditional broker model.

+ Is there a specific insurance carrier you recommend most?

Yes.  We will most likely recommend ClearChain Health for your health plan.

+ Do you also recommend traditional carriers?

Yes, we do. We provide plan administration for traditional carriers if you prefer to work with one.

+ How do you get my employees involved in the quote process?

We send each enrolled employee a 6-minute survey and ask tarteged questions to help us identify what your workforce wants and needs from a benefits plan.

+ Why do you get my employees involved in the quote process?

That data is what drives our recommendations and quote.

+ Do you work with outside vendors?

Yes.  We partner with third-party vendors to provide the individual components of your plan that make up the entire package. Because we have relationships with many vendors, we will identify which vendors you will be working with when we present our proposal for your program. Our decisions are based on your program goals, the feedback we receive from your employees, and the analytics and data you have provided. 

Our role is to coordinate with the vendors we assign to your program and ensure they integrate and work with you to effectively manage costs while providing better options for your employees.

+ How will the transition impact our employees?

Ultimately, your employees will receive more and better benefits at a lower cost, all while saving you money.  As with any transition to a new health benefits program, your employees will need to provide specific information and details to establish coverage, log in to our member portal, and nominate their provider to participate in their health plan.

Our clients agree with us.

They benefit from our transparent, data-driven benefits solutions.


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