Human Resources Team

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Your benefits are too much work for your staff and not valued by your employees.

At Waypoint Benefit Solutions, we understand that HR leaders play a major role in the successful administration and management of an organization’s employee benefits program.   HR leaders and their teams are not only responsible for employee satisfaction, but often responsible to manage the many vendors and technology integration required to make the benefits program work.

When you learn about our model, you’ll see the difference. Less work for you. Better benefits. Streamlined integration. True cost-savings. Happier employees.

Our Waypoint Benefits Solution

We will work with you to deliver a benefits program that is easier to administer and includes improved:

  • Tech integration that’s more seamless for your team
  • Payroll integration
  • Communications with employees
  • Education for employees about the program
  • Better benefits offering
  • Less work for your team

Using your organization’s data and input, we will streamline your employee benefits and administration.  Better benefits, lower costs, less work.

Businessman and businesswoman power posingOur model makes companies more competitive. We use your data, your employee’s input and our unique, transparent model to help you win. Your employees want more, they want to pay less, and this can be accomplished without increased cost.
Our model supports the goals and motivations of your whole team.