Fiduciary Review Technology

Our Fiduciary Review Technology is a groundbreaking solution designed to help large employers monitor the performance of their benefit plan service providers. This innovative technology not only supports compliance with fiduciary responsibilities but also identifies significant cost-saving opportunities within benefit plans.

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Comprehensive Monitoring Made Easy

  • Sifts through vast amounts of data generated by individual claims.
  • Provides accurate and insightful monitoring of plan service provider performance.
  • Identifies both individual performance issues and large-scale systemic opportunities.

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Proven Cost-Saving Potential

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  • Uncovers significant opportunities to reduce health plan costs for large employers 97% of the time.
  • Ensures health plans operate at peak efficiency, providing value for both your company and your employees.

Find out how our Fiduciary Review Technology can help monitor your benefit plan service providers and uncover significant cost savings by requesting a complimentary fiduciary review consultation.

Streamlined Oversight Without Increased Workload

  • Traditional monitoring methods are labor-intensive, requiring hundreds of hours of manual effort.
  • Many employers rely on self-reporting by plan service providers, leading to conflicts of interest and missed opportunities.
  • Waypoint’s technology automates the monitoring process, providing detailed reports and actionable insights without extensive manual labor.

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Meeting Legal Obligations

  • Monitoring health plan service provider performance is a crucial fiduciary responsibility.
  • Failure to manage plan assets which include employee contributions effectively can lead to significant legal consequences (e.g., Johnson & Johnson lawsuit).

Our technology helps document the monitoring process and supports compliance with ERISA Law.

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Annual Performance Reviews

  • Large employers use Waypoint’s technology to conduct annual reviews of health plan & plan service providers.
  • Annual reviews help identify performance issues and support a plan sponsors legal obligations.
  • Even if no performance issues are uncovered, demonstrating fiduciary responsibility significantly reduces the risk of lawsuits.
  • It is highly likely that our technology will discover substantial savings opportunities given our proven track record.

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Why Choose Fiduciary Review Technology?

  1. Accurate Monitoring: Ensure precise oversight of health plan service providers with minimal manual effort.
  2. Cost Savings: Identify and implement cost-saving opportunities within your health plans.
  3. Legal Compliance: Fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities and reduce the risk of legal action.
  4. Proven Success: Trusted by large employers to deliver consistent results and significant savings.

Empower your company with Waypoints Fiduciary Review Technology and transform the way you monitor your health plan service providers. Request a complimentary fiduciary review consultation to learn more about how our technology can benefit your organization, or answer a few questions to find out if our technology can reduce fiduciary liability your company may be exposed to by answering a few questions here.

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