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Your company is more competitive with our data-driven benefit solutions.

A Benefits Model Advantage for Every Role in Your Company

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You’re paying too much money for too few benefits and you may not understand the ones you have. We can fix that.

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Your benefits are too much work for your staff and not valued by your employees. We can fix that.

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Your benefits are your second largest budgetary expense and negatively impacting your company valuation. We can fix that.

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You’re wasting money on benefits that are making you less competitive. We can fix that.

50% of employees would jump ship for a better benefits package.

At Waypoint Benefit Solutions, we help companies like yours attract and retain the best employees. Our model makes companies more competitive by looking at all levels of benefits by identifying and removing conflicts of interest. We review all aspects of data to create and manage the most efficient program for your company and employees.

So, how do we do it?

Traditional broker and carrier models lack transparency, allow excessive charges and steal from your company money you didn’t know you were spending.  We remove conflicts of interest, hidden costs, and provide transparency. 

The result?  Better benefits and lower costs for you and your employees.

Know where your investment is going.

Some brokers think they know what your company needs without listening to you first. Those assumptions could cost you in the long run. These brokers make deals with big carriers because that’s where their loyalties lie. In this traditional approach, the brokers are paid by the big carriers.

Waypoint Benefits works differently. We are the only company that can:

  • Provide you with a clear picture of the data sets from your group to help you determine the benefits that work for you and your employees.
  • Develop a transparent self-funded benefit management package customized for your organization.
  • Account for and communicate where every dollar invested in your benefits plan goes. We’ll show you how your investment is being spent during quarterly and annual reviews.